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Media Coaching

What is Media Coaching:

For any person the prospect of talking to the press answering questions, being under the scrutiny of the public eye whilst being recorded is a daunting prospect.

The object of media coaching is to best prepare you for the unknown; to give you an insight into the line of questioning to expect and to give you the tools to know how to respond. Coaching is about unlocking potential and helping people to learn rather than teaching, telling or instructing.

Having accrued a wealth of experience interviewing established film stars as well as emerging talent Claire has experienced and appreciates that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera answering questions either in a press line up or on a one to one basis.

One of Claire’s talents is her ability to put people at ease and work through people’s difficulties or apprehensions, with this is mind Claire offers one to one coaching to enable her clients to deal with the media and break down any barriers and with confidence.

Media coaching sessions are bespoke and are adapted to an individual's personal requirements.

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Presenter Coaching

What is Presenter Coaching:

Do you have aspirations to be a TV presenter? Do you want to explore and expand your own potential? Are you a presenter in need of further advancement in your craft?

Claire Bueno has accrued many years of presenting experience having moderated Q&A’s for BAFTA, at the Apple Store, Regent Street, London, hosted Comic Con panel talks to audiences of over 300 people, presented on the big screen and at red carpet film premieres for Premiere Scene.

Claire offers to share her knowledge and experience with one to one presenter coaching. So whether you’re approaching presenting from scratch or whether you need help refining your own technique, Claire can help put you on the right track.

Sessions range from an hour to a whole day and can be customised to suit your requirements be it learning an audition piece, writing and performing scripts or adapting your interview technique.

For more information:

If you feel you could benefit from Media or Presenter Coaching or you would like to find out more about the session then Claire would love to here from you.

Enquires are dealt in the strictest confidence.

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Claire Bueno has interviewed many actors over the years but who is her favourite actor? …. Now that would be telling!

Testimonial: Andrew Overin, BAFTA

“You were perfect person to interview Andy (Serkis) at the Academy Circle event…you make it look very easy and I know it isn’t.”

Claire Bueno Presenter & Media Coach